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Anahata Herbals

Shed Light- Watershed Spa

Shed Light- Watershed Spa

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We love to collaborate with local businesses! Especially, ones that inspire us to soak in the beauty of each moment. Watershed is a communal bathhouse and spa in Minneapolis, MN where you can unwind and decompress.

This blend includes relaxing herbs Damiana and Tulsi in a floral and fruity medley for the senses to bathe in. Scented with a hint of Frankincense smoke, it has a decadent complexity that is crave-able.

Tulsi, Damiana, Spearmint, Rose, Jasmine Blossom, Sweet Orange, Apple, Wintergreen, Green Rooibos, Marshmallow Root, Bee Pollen, Maca, Vanilla & a pinch of Monkfruit.

Once the blend has been mixed thoroughly, it is cold-smoked with Frankincense Resin and Cinnamon Bark.

This is excellent brewed in a french press or as you would any loose-leaf tea.

Brewing: 1 TBSP tea to 12 oz of water brewed at 212 degrees.


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