We’re Proud to present the Minnesota Northland’s Herbal Dispensary. Nestled right here in the Duluth hillside we offer the finest organic, fair trade, wild crafted bulk herbs, essential oils, flower essences, books, and local programs.

Welcome to a place of healing. We schedule herbal consultations through Rooted Folks to help guide your healing process. Colds to cancer. We’ll help you stay healthy and live happier. We have the finest organic or wild crafted fair trade herbs in the Northland.

Offering herbal blends for: sleeping, concentration, memory, pregnancy support, detox, smoking, fever, hormone stabilizing, happiness, relaxation, ease of mind.

Herb Patch Program

This program is designed to help Duluth stay committed to sustainability by growing our own herbs. We are capable of growing the herbal complementary medicine we need to keep our community healthy. We are actively searching for individuals and farmers to grow for our bulk herb supply. We are dedicated to empower you to grow your own. Sign up now!

Herb Walks and Wildcrafting Program

Everything wild. Join us through the seasons as we follow harvesting calendars of our favorite local wild herbs. We’ll explore the local terrain for useful plants and learn their uses and appropriate harvesting techniques to be ethical, sustainable, and law abiding. Apply to be a Wilder and get paid to gather herbs. Sign up now!

Energy For Life Connection

Stacey Quade, COTA/L-CHTP, is an Herbalist and a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner with 9 years of experience in energy work. Stacey’s 23+ years of experience in Occupational Therapy have helped her to hone her skills in the practical application of whole health. Stacey’s herbal remedies are both grown and made by her. Stacey’s approach enables you to experience healing on all the levels of your being – body, mind, and spirit – engaging in an active role of regaining the purpose and control of your life’s purpose.

Giving Ground

Study wild herbs and health at one of Giving Ground’s unique wilderness herbal retreats!