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Earthbound Roast

Earthbound Roast

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If you want a darker roasted tea blend that is kind of like "the real thing", this herbal "coffee" blend can fulfill those desires. 

Unlike coffee, this tea will support healthy digestion enzymes which means no stomach ache, heartburn, or crash during the day. It can be doctored up like a cup of joe by adding a splash of cream and maple syrup or honey. 

This is some powerful root and mushroom medicine! *Caution- contains nuts

ALL of the ingredients grow right here in our region, 

Maple syrup-infused Burdock Root, Roasted Dandelion and Chicory, Chaga, Roasted Hazelnuts, Black Currant, and Sweet Clover Seed.

We recommend a longer steep of 15-30 minutes, even overnight if you like a strong brew or, iced.

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